Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world and contains over 220 unreached people groups (UPG). A UPG is an ethnic group where less than 1% of its population has access to the Gospel. This means they will go their entire life without ever meeting a Christian, seeing a church, or hearing about Jesus. We feel strongly that God would have us work among the millions of unreached in Indonesia.

Our work in Indonesia will be three-fold. Each year, millions of young people study in Yogyakarta, the nation’s university capital. A key part of our ministry will be English-speaking groups where we can invite nationals into our home to build relationships and share the love of Jesus. Second, our desire is to disciple and train up the future leaders of the Indonesian Church, and equip them with the tools they need to reach their family, friends, and the nation. And finally, we will work alongside nationals to plant reproducing churches among the unreached people groups of Indonesia.

Our first term is 3 years, followed by a 1 year furlough, then 4 year terms thereafter. We plan to spend our career as missionaries, reaching the people of Indonesia!